Vi vaccinerar mot TBE som är en virussjukdom vilken sprids med fästingar. Viruset kan orsaka en inflammation i hjärnan eller hjärnhinnorna. Du bör vaccinera dig mot TBE om du ska vistas i områden där TBE-viruset finns.


What is TBE?

TBE, or tick-borne encephalitis, is a viral disease that is spread by ticks. Every year, approximately 200-300 cases of TBE are detected in Sweden. In about a third, the virus spreads to the brain and meninges. Approximately one in ten people who become infected develop pronounced fatigue, memory disorders, permanent paralysis and can in some cases lead to death.

Dose range

The basic vaccination consists of three doses. This range applies to TBE vaccines for children and adults under 50 years of age (TBE vaccines are not given to children under 1 year of age).

To maintain protection, a booster dose is needed every 3-5 years.

For people over 50 years of age, an extra dose is given 2 months after dose two. The basic vaccination then consists of four doses according to the following schedule: month 0, 1, 2 and dose four is taken 5-12 months after dose 3, well in advance of the next tick season.

OBS! Vi erbjuder inte möjligheten att ta TBE-vaccin som gravid, varken på Apoteksgruppen eller våra egna mottagningar.

What to think about when to vaccinate your child

  • Prepare your child for a syringe
  • A prepared child is more cooperative in a vaccination
  • Feel free to buy local anesthetic cream at the pharmacy before the vaccination and follow the pharmacy staff's instructions for use


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