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Antigen test and PCR test

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Sampling and certification for companies and organizations

We offer an efficient and safe solution for employees' health and travel certificates with sampling at workplaces.

How does it work?

Are you and your company planning a major event and want to make sure that everyone is healthy? Or do you perhaps have a larger proportion of staff traveling in the service who need a travel certificate? Vaccina has previously helped large industrial companies, sports associations and commuters, among others.

Testing in your premises

Our staff comes out and tests the employees on site at your workplace. Through flexible time booking, we avoid queuing and create an efficient process. If interested, it is possible to book testing at our existing receptions.


Each tested employee receives a digital personal health or travel certificate. The certificate is in English and signed by our doctors.


Our experienced medical staff follows up and provides medical advice when needed, for example on how the results should be interpreted and what measures you can take based on the outcome.

We're with you all the way

When booking with Vaccina, you are assigned a contact person and project manager who is involved in the entire process, from booking to follow-up.

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