Boka tid för Covid-19 Vaccination i Skåne

Vaccina is one of Sweden's largest care providers within Covid vaccination. On behalf of Region Skåne erbjuder vi nu vaccination mot Covid-19.

Vi vaccinerar dos 1, dos 2, dos 3 och dos 4 med både Moderna och Pfizer. Vi vaccinerar dos 3 till personer över 18 år. Vi vaccinerar dos 4 till personer som är födda 1957 eller tidigare.

Det ska ha gått 3 månader mellan dos 2 och dos 3. Det ska ha gått 3 månader mellan dos 3 och dos 4 för patienter med immundefekt. Det ska ha gått 4 månader mellan dos 3 och dos 4 för övriga. Har det gått mindre än 3 respektive 4 månader kommer du nekas vaccination.

Questions and answers

Do you have a question you can't find the answer to? Visit our customer forum where you will find answers to most questions and also have the opportunity to ask your question. Our customer service continuously answers new questions in the customer forum and you can see and search among other customers' questions that we have answered.

You who have taken dose 1 from another actor, and come to us for dose 2, book yourself on our website as usual. You will receive a text message after your vaccination with information that you should book your second dose, please ignore this text message.

We are not in any way involved in the work on the Covid certificate and can therefore not answer any questions. We may refer you to alternatively to the E-health authority.

Together we help each other

Covid-19 har stor spridning i samhället. För att stoppa spridningen av sjukdomen är det viktigt att vi alla hjälps åt genom att vaccinera oss mot Covid-19 och följa folkhälsomyndighetens rekommendationer. Vaccination mot Covid-19 skyddar dig själv från att bli svårt sjuk samtidigt som du bidrar till minskad smittspridning i samhället.

Who can get vaccinated?

At present, the phase in which we vaccinate differs in the different regions. You can find more information about what applies in your region via the website

You who have a spare number / Coordination number may be vaccinated at Vaccina. Please contact your local vaccination center for more information.

We now offer Covid-19 vaccination to the following groups:

  • You live in Sweden and are 18 years or older.
  • You who are pregnant must be in pregnancy week 13.
  • You who are staff in Health and Medical Care - holiday substitutes in municipal care and work close to patients. You must be able to prove at the time of vaccination that you work in healthcare, either via ID, employment certificate or other certificate. 

Licensed nurses

We at Vaccinas are one of Sweden's largest healthcare providers working with Covid vaccination. With that, a great responsibility will provide patient-safe care and that you will have a safe vaccination experience with us. We therefore only work with our own employed licensed nurses, pediatric nurses and district nurses with experience of vaccination. There is always an available emergency doctor to reach and our staff has clear routines, and tools, to be able to help patients on site in the event of an allergic reaction. All in order for you to get as safe a vaccination as possible.


Book an appointment & respond to health forms

You book an appointment and fill in a health form digitally before the visit (if you are taking blood-thinning medicine, follow the advice given when booking).


Prepare for vaccination

Du tar med dig Godkänd ID-handling och munskydd till vaccinationsmottagningen. Och glöm inte att svara på hälsoformuläret innan ditt besök.


After vaccination

You need to stop 15 minutes after your vaccination for observation.


Next dose

Du kommer att få ett sms när det är dags att boka in dos 2.

Here you can get vaccinated in Skåne