Antibody test

Tested and approved antibody test that shows if you have antibodies to the virus that causes Covid-19.

How does it work?

Drop-in or appointment booking

We offer drop-in and appointment booking at several of Apoteksgruppen's pharmacies and our own receptions. This way, you can test yourself against covid-19 smoothly and safely.

Testing at reception

A nurse sits at the reception and tests you on the spot. You will then receive an answer directly on the spot or digitally if you are in a hurry to leave.

Test results

You will receive a test result within 20 minutes that shows if you have antibodies to covid-19.

Tried and approved

Our tests meet the Public Health Agency's requirements for performance. We always ensure access to the latest and most accurate antibody test on the market. The current test we offer is CE marked.

Vår tjänst för provtagning av covid-19 är helt utformad av erfarna läkare för att säkerställa högsta kvalitet. Antikroppstestet tas via ett blodprov (stick i fingret) som ger svar inom 20 minuter.  Med antikroppstest kan vi avgöra om du har varit smittad av viruset. Tillsammans med provsvaret får du rekommendationer kring uppföljning.

We are located at Apoteksgruppen

Vaccina has a close collaboration with Apoteksgruppen where we offer you a complete solution to test you against covid-19. You can take an antigen, PCR and antibody test at selected pharmacies. We also offer vaccination against seasonal flu, pneumococci, TBE and birthmark control.

See you at Apoteksgruppen!