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These general terms and conditions apply when you as an individual (consumer) or company order Services from Vaccina AB, org. Nr. 550256-9478 (“Vaccina''/”us”/”our”/”we”). To be able to order a Service you need to be at least 18 years of age or older. When ordering one of our Services (''Service”/”Services”) you certify that you have read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to make potential misspellings, product changes and price adjustments from time to time for the Services.

Support and Questions

You can always contact our support if you have any questions about our Services or want to know more of these Terms and Conditions via our chat at www.vaccina.se, by email at [email protected] or by calling our switchboard on the telephone number 010 - 750 09 45.


For covid-19 testing with the issuance of a travel certificate/health certificate (medical certificate) for children under the age of 16 years old without the presence of a guardian, a submitted consent form is needed from both of the guardians. You will find a link to the consent form here: Consent form for testing for covid-19 for minors. In the absence of a submitted consent form, the Service can not be performed, and no refund will be made.

For covid-19 vaccination of minors you’ll find guidelines at each Region’s website. If the Region’s guidelines are not met, the vaccination for covid-19 cannot be performed. For other vaccinations, the consent of the guardian is given at the time of the vaccination. In the absence of consent, the Service cannot be performed.

Short description of the available Services 

In short, the Service means that you either do a PCR test and/or an antigen test at one of our, or our partners’ clinics, then an analysis of your test is performed. A PCR test is sent to a laboratory for further analysis, unlike an antigen test that is analyzed at one of our or our partners’ clinics.

If the analysis shows a negative result (i.e. that according to the analysis you do not have an ongoing infection of covid-19), we issue a travel certificate/health certificate (medical certificate) that proves it. You will then receive a message via text message and email that the travel certificate/health certificate (medical certificate) is available to be downloaded from your medical record, either by login with Bank ID, or with a secret code. If the analysis shows a positive result (i.e. that according to the analysis you have an ongoing infection with covid-19), we issue a medical certificate proving this. You will receive a message via text message and email that a medical certificate is available to be downloaded from your medical record with login of Bank ID or request it with the secret code. For some of our partners regarding the issuance of travel certificates/health certificates (medical certificate), the result may be electronically sent directly to such a partner. Such direct electronic transmission requires your consent.

Ordering the Service is done on our website www.vaccina.se, via one of our partners, or directly on site at our or our partners’ clinics.

Antibody test for covid-19 

In short, the Service means that you do an antibody test at one of our own or our partners’ clinics. An analysis of your test is done at the relevant clinic where you performed the test. When the test has been analyzed and registered in your medical record, a message is sent out and you can log in with Bank ID to see the result. If you don’t have a Bank ID, please contact [email protected] and we will send it out in paper form to your registered address.

Ordering the Service is done on our website www.vaccina.se, via one of our partners, or directly on site at our or our partners’ clinics.


Vaccinations are offered against covid-19, TBE, the flu, pneumococci, chicken-pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis A+B or shingles. You book an appointment for vaccination by visiting our website www.vaccina.se, or alternatively by visiting our or our partners’ clinics at a drop in time. For vaccination against covid-19, you can also, in some Regions, make a booking in the region’s booking system. To be able to use the Service, it is a requirement that you have either a social security number, coordination number or spare number.

Before your visit, you need to bring a valid identification, you also need to fill in the health form in connection with the booking, this must be filled in before your appointment. The health form contains questions about previous reactions to vaccinations, allergies and health conditions. It is important that you answer these questions honestly.  

If you have a Bank ID, you can log in after the vaccination to Vaccinas medical records to see your vaccination history here: https://portal.vaccina.se/patient-sigin. If you do not have a Bank ID, you can contact our support where you can send a request by letter to our quality team. https://portal.vaccina.se/patient-signin.  Har du inte Bank-ID kan du kontakta vår supportavdelning där du kan skicka in en begäran via brev till vår kvalitétsavdelning.

Health Checks

Vi erbjuder en Tjänst där du kan beställa en Hälsokontroll för att sedan komma på drop in.För att nyttja Tjänsten behöver du ha giltigt Bank-ID och ha laddat ned Kry-appen på din enhet. Tjänsten kan utföras på flertalet  platser runt om i Sverige.. Vaccina använder Kry-appen för att kunna leverera resultatet av hälsokontrollen till dig. När du beställer Hälsokontrollen kommer du att automatiskt skickas vidare till Webbplatsen och betalningsflödet, där du även kommer behöva fylla i nödvändig information och en hälsodeklaration för att vi ska kunna utföra hälsokontrollen. Ifyllnad av informationen inför hälsokontrollen och hälsodeklarationen krävs för att vi ska kunna leverera hälsokontrollen till dig. Utebliven information i dessa kan innebära att vi inte kan utföra hälsokontrollen.

Du kommer sedan att besöka oss på drop-in på valfri mottagning och på valfri tid under våra öppettider för att genomföra resterande delar av hälsokontrollen. När testerna har tagits kommer vi skicka dem för analys till Vaccinas eller våra samarbetspartners laboratorium. När vi fått ett resultat kommer vi att skicka ett meddelande till dig via Kry-appen. Om dina prover bedöms vara avvikande, eller om du annars önskar, har du möjlighet att boka ett uppföljningsbesök för konsultation över resultaten med en vårdgivare, exempelvis på en vårdcentral eller via digitalt möte mot patientavgift.

Delivery times 

When you order a Service from us you are accepting the delivery times. Normal delivery times which concern the Service you have booked are stated on our website www.vaccina.seHowever, the stated delivery times do not constitute a guarantee from Vaccina.

Agreements on the provision of Services 

For Services purchased from Vaccina, an agreement on the provision of the Service is concluded and entered into force when we have confirmed the order by sending an order confirmation to the email and/or the telephone number provided to us. We reserve the right to change or cancel your order if we deem that we are not able to fulfill the Service adequately. We will then notify you as soon as possible. For Services performed at drop-in, an agreement is concluded and entered into force when the payment for the Service has been made by you.

Prices and payment

All prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) including potential VAT. When ordering a Service, you can choose between payment by card or by Swish. For corporate customers, you pay with an invoice.The Service will only start to be performed after payment has been received to us. A receipt is then sent to the email address you provided in connection with the booking.

For the sake of clarification, the price for antigen or PCR testing is the same regardless of whether the result after analysis shows a negative or positive result. If the analysis cannot be performed, it affects whether a travel certificate / health certificate (medical certificate) can be sent out.

In the event you request a change in the type of Service on site at a clinic, the paid amount of the original booking or any difference in price will not be refunded. If the new Service you wish to change to is more expensive, you will be charged the whole amount of the new Service.

If you have booked an appointment for testing of either an antigen test or a PCR test for the issuance of a travel certificate/health certificate (medical certificate) through one of our partners, relevant travel documents are mandatory to be presented at the clinic in order for us to carry out the Services. In case of missing or invalid travel documentation, we can not perform the Service and no refund is provided. Any new booking and payment must then be made at the current price list.

Återbetalning, avbeställning  och ångerrätt

Cancellation of Service

Genom att godkänna dessa villkor godkänner du att följande gäller för avbeställning för bokade Tjänster. Om du har bokat en tid för ett antigen- eller PCR-test med utfärdande av ett rese-/friskhetsintyg (läkarintyg) på en av våra egna, eller våra samarbetspartners mottagningar  kan du kostnadsfritt avboka din tid fram till 2 timmar innan ditt besök. 

To cancel your booking, you can either:

1) click on the “cancel” button in the booking confirmation email, or 

2) contact our support via chat at www.vaccina.se, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 010-750 09 45. 

In order to make it possible for our support to help you cancel your appointment, you need to establish contact no later than 2 hours before the intended time for your appointment. The money is automatically refunded to your bank account upon cancellation within 10 business days. If you are not canceling your appointment for vaccination and/or test for travel at least 2 hours before your appointment, if you do not show up for your appointment, or if you do not have any valid travel documentation or consent form with you, you do not have the right to a refund for the amount you have paid for the Service, since we have commenced the Service.

För Hälsokontrollen upphör rätten till återbetalning för när du helt eller delvis har påbörjat Tjänsten. I detta fall är det efter du har genomfört hälsodeklarationen vid beställning samt betalat för Tjänsten. Om det under Hälsokontrollens fysiska undersökning visar sig att din puls eller ditt blodtryck indikerar på att akut vård måste uppsökas, har du rätt till återbetalning för ditt besök hos oss.

Vi förbehåller oss rätten att neka Tjänsternas utförande om personalen som ska utföra Tjänsterna inte finner det möjligt att genomföra provtagningen/hälsokontrollen, vaccinationen eller testningen, och återbetalning uteblir då.

Right to withdrawal of Service

According to Swedish law, you have the right to withdrawal of a purchased Service within 14 days from the day the appointment was made. You do not need to provide any reason for this. The right of withdrawal ends when you use, or partly use, the Services you have ordered. The easiest way to make use of your right to withdrawal is by canceling the appointment in accordance with “Cancellation of Service” above. Please note our cancellation terms in accordance with the above, and you hereby accept by agreeing to these terms and conditions that we have commenced the Service within the timeframes provided for above for each of the Services.

You may also use the Swedish Consumer Agencies’ (Konsumentverket) withdrawal form to exercise your right to withdrawal here: https://publikationer.konsumentverket.se/kontrakt-och-mallar/angerblankett. The submitted withdrawal form or the message that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal must be sent by email to [email protected] or by letter to the following postal address:

Vaccina AB 

Box 45121 

104 30 Stockholm

If you decide to use your right to withdrawal we will refund your paid amount without deduction. We will refund the money to your bank account within 30 days provided that you have provided us with the right details that are necessary to carry out with the refund process.

Liability and limitation of liability

Vaccina is responsible for ensuring that the Service is performed in accordance with professional standards and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Vaccina has no responsibility for that your booked appointment time for covid-19 testing, as in the time and date for the appointment of the covid-19 testing, is within your country of destination’s framework and criteria for test requirements for traveling to such country. We do not take any responsibility for that any content in our travel certificate/health certificate (medical certificate), and its design, is accepted for your travel destination. Thus, it is solely your responsibility as a traveler, and not Vaccinas responsibility, to ensure that Vaccina’s Service matches your country of destination’s criteria.

Vaccina is not liable for faults of the Service that are caused by errors in third party software or network if we in a reasonably professional capacity have attempted to correct or circumvent the error or shortcomings in the Service due to, for example, virus attacks or similar events. 

Vaccina is not liable for errors caused by submitted incorrect information in our Services, or incorrect information provided in connection with bookings of our Services. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide us is correct and up to date.

Vaccina is not liable for delay of a Service due to deficiencies in public communications (for example delayed postal Services) or due to circumstances that constitute force majeure (please see “Force majeure” below). 

Vaccina is not liable for errors in test results due to margins of error. Testing and sampling does not give a 100% correct result and tests may give false negative or false positive results. 

Vaccina is not liable for consequential damages, loss of profit, loss of data or information, loss of expected savings and/or other indirect damages. This includes, for example, non-liability for damages or costs as a result of deficiencies in the Service regarding covid testing with including travel/health certificate or vaccination that is not accepted to your travel destination and that means that you can not travel to or be admitted to the country that is your travel destination. 

Vaccina is liable for deficiencies in the Service caused by our own negligence, which may result in delayed or failure to deliver test results, certificate or vaccination. Deficiencies in the Service shall primarily be remedied by our rectification of the error, provided that it can be done without unreasonable cost or unreasonable inconvenience for us. We have the right, at our expense, to remedy the errors provided that it can be done within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience for you. If remediation of a delayed or failure to deliver test result, certificate or vaccination cannot be done, you are entitled to a reasonable price deduction which corresponds to the maximum amount of the price of the Service you bought.

Vaccina is not liable for ensuring that the type of vaccine of the vaccination we offer matches the requirement of the country you are visiting. It is thus only your responsibility as a traveler to ensure that the country approves the type of vaccine of the vaccination before departure. Vaccina is not liable for sending you reminders of the dose intervals or making sure you follow the correct dose intervals.

Force majeure 

Vaccina is not liable for damage as a result of strike, fire, government authority action, labor disputes, accidents, errors or delays caused by subcontractors, closures of malfunctions in public communications systems or other circumstances beyond our control and which we are not reasonably expected to account for and the consequences of which we could not reasonably avoid or overcome.

Processing of personal data

The Services include that we process personal data about the individuals to whom the Services in question refers to. The personal data that is processed for each Service is stated in our privacy policy, which you can find at www.vaccina.se/integritetspolicy. 

För oss är er personliga integritet av central betydelse. Behandling av dina personuppgifter sker därför alltid i enlighet med tillämpliga lagar och förordningar om behandling av personuppgifter och patientdata. Detta innefattar även att test- och provresultat samt intyg  måste översändas på ett sätt som är tillåtet enligt tillämpliga lagar och förordningar. 

Your rights

In our privacy policy at www.vaccina.se/integritetspolicy you can find what rights you have and how these rights can be exercised. To exercise your rights, contact [email protected]

Corporate customers

For you as a corporate customer, the right of withdrawal according to the Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts (SFS 2005:59) do not apply.

Furthermore, as a corporate customer, you are responsible for processing personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations that is provided to Vaccina.


Vaccina has the right, without having to obtain consent from you, to engage subcontractors for the fulfillment of our undertakings in the Service and according to the agreement between you and us. Vaccina has the right to assign our responsibilities or obligations according to the agreement to another group company. 

Vaccina may change these terms from time to time and will notify you by email and on the Website before such changes enter into force. Continued use of the Service and the Website after such change has been communicated and entered into force is considered as your approval of such changes to the terms and conditions.

Applicable law and dispute

For the Agreement, Swedish law shall apply. Disputes arising from the Agreement shall be decided by a general court in Sweden.