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In collaboration with many of Sweden's regions we offer vaccination against Covid-19. Warm welcomes to vaccinate in Stockholm, Skåne, Uppsala, and Västra Götaland

Health and travel certificate

Do you need a certificate confirming that you are healthy against Covid-19? We perform both antigen tests and PCR tests and have issued 400,000+ certificates.

Antibody test

We test antibodies in collaboration with Apoteksgruppen from north to south! Book an appointment or drop-in at the nearest pharmacy.


Vi erbjuder vaccination mot influensa, pneumokocker, TBE, hepatit A och B, bältros samt vattkoppor. Läs mer om våra olika tjänster och var du kan boka första tillgängliga tid för vaccination.

Fler vårdtjänster

Health Checks

Health declaration, physical examination and health markers. Find out how you actually feel with a thorough review of your health with an overall medical assessment and, if necessary, follow-up with Kry.


We help you if you are worried about birthmarks or skin changes (skin cancer suspicion) as well as other skin problems that require specialist care, such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis.


Det snabbaste sättet att behandla urinvägsinfektion. Genom självtest via ett symtomformulär får du recept, vid behov, inom 30 min. Behandla din urinvägsinfektion, var du än är.

Vaccination bus

Get vaccinated against TBE with our vaccine buses. We have over 100 planned stops around the country and also offer birthmark control through our dermatologist service.

Companies and organizations

We offer, as Sweden's largest provider of business services
linked to covid-19, an efficient and secure solution for employees
health and travel certificate with sampling at workplaces.

Contact us

Should any questions arise regarding our services, your booking or other considerations, we are available to chat with directly here via the website and by phone. You can also visit our Support forum for frequently asked questions and answers.

Mail – [email protected]

Customer service phone number: 0107500945
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Also visit our customer forum here!


Vår vaccinationsrådgivning är en tjänst där du som kund kan ställa frågor som gäller vaccinationer. Prata direkt med en av våra sjuksköterskor via telefon.

Telefonnumret till vaccinationsrådgivningen är 010-6039015
Öppettider vaccinationsrådgivning
måndag – söndag
09.00 – 19.00

We are located at Apoteksgruppen

Vaccina has a close collaboration with Apoteksgruppen, which we together offer and develop the healthcare of the future. We offer you a complete solution to test you against covid-19, vaccination against seasonal flu, pneumococci, TBE and examine your birthmarks.

Together we are located in 65 locations around the country, from Luleå in the north to Vellinge in the south. Warm welcome!